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ACURO bring to you a range of Polyelectrolytes for treatment of water from various processes. We offers top quality products, services and solution to all water related needs of various industries.

Anionic polyelectrolyte liquid provides an outstanding saving concerning make up time, addition and dosage, being, thus, its addition, in automatic systems for control or dosage, easier and more economical. Anionic Polyelectrolyte Liquid is fluid form and liquid grade polyelectrolytes and used for the same purpose with powder grade anionic polyelectrolytes. They can perform at the field both better or worse in view of wastewater character due to differences of copolymerization technics and polymer chain structure eventough both form has the same anionicity and equivalent molecular weight values. Liquid grade anionic polyelectrolytes are not only used as they supplied but also applicable as soluted in water. In comparison with powder grade anionic polyelectrolytes , liquid grade ones are more advantageous in terms of solution preparation time required.


  • Superior floc formation
  • Major effects yielded with limited use
  • Superior cleaning performance
  • Use over a broad pH range


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