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A Demonstration On Peracetic Acid And Its Extensive Role As A Disinfecting Agent

Peracetic acid is a versatile chemical used as an effective disinfectant and sanitizer in multiple applications such as Water Treatment Process

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Swimming Pool Water Treatment

In swimming pools, it is common for several hundred people to swim in the same water. Such water will get extremely foul and infected

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Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide: An Efficacious Disinfecting Aid

NSHP is well recognized as an effective eco-friendly disinfectant, proven to be a powerful antibacterial, fungicide, virucide, amoebicide, algaecide etc.

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Biocides - Type, Applications And Their Implementation TO The Process

Biocides remove and control harmful microorganisms by chemical or biological means. They are utilized as disinfectants, oxidizing agents and preservatives.

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Hydrogel - Getting More Mileage Out Of Water

Today we are facing some of the most serious issues that have the potential to change the phase of the earth.

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Super absorbent polymer Snowee, is an artificial snow forming material having advanced chemical properties.

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