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RO Antiscalants - A Brief of their performance

In the process of reverse osmosis, antiscalants are used as pretreatments to avoid the chances of scaling in membranes, and extending their lifespan.

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Antifreeze Glycol - Quality Based Cooling System Chemicals

Glycol Antifreeze is referred to a class of organic compounds that are included in the alcohol family and are widely used as an antifreeze in automobile cooling systems and in the manufacturing of brake fluids.

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Magic Hydrogel - Nutrient and Water Retention Agent For Soil

With consistent research and successive advancement in technology, we have formulated this Hydrogel to tackle all on-field problems in agri-sector.

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Membrane Cleaner - Low pH RO Chemical For Colloidal Deposits

ROKLEEN 21 Low pH Membrane Cleaner is a quick acting formulation for improvement of RO/NF/UF membranes by dissolving and dispersing organic.

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Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon - An Excellent Adsorbent To Tackle Water Related Issues.

In this, the activated carbon (granular/pelletized) is covered with inorganic metals (silver).

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