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Cooling Tower Maintenance Chemicals - High Performance & Quality Based Chemicals

Cooling towers are used for heat rejection in industries, where water is cooled down, and air draft is achieved with the help of draft towers and fans.

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Polyelectrolytes - High Molecular Weight Flocculant Polymers

Polyelectrolytes are chemicals that have qualities and characteristics of both polymers and electrolytes. For instance, polyelectrolytes have the properties of higher viscosity, that is adopted from polymers and higher conductivity is adopted from electrolytes(salts).

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Peracetic Acid - A Remedy to all Disinfection Challenges.

As Chlorination sits on the throne and has monopolized the water disinfection industries,research and advanced technology have paved a way to meet the Disinfection By-Product (DBP)regulations. Could Peracetic Acid (PAA) be an emerging solution?

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RO Antiscalant - An Exceptional Scale Removal Chemical Additive

ACURO's range of antiscalants are the most economical products for extending the life and efficiency of your RO system.

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Activated Carbon - Highly Advanced Material For Water Treatment

In order to overcome the dilemmas of water purification, microbial inactivation, separation and purification of chemical-allied industries, Activated Carbon (AC) is the significant solution.

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