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Copper sulphate, commonly known as blue vitriol, is a crystalline substance and an inorganic compound with high thermal and electrical conductivity, low corrosion, alloying ability, and malleability. From outward form, its color ranges from grayish white in powder to blue color in the form of crystal, hence it is also known as bluestone. Copper sulphate has a widespread use over a number of applications.



Metal industry

Used as an electrolyte in copper refining in various copper plating processes.

Mining industry

As an activator in the concentration by froth flotation of lead, zinc, cobalt and gold ores, and it makes metal ores ready to be covered by flotation collector.

Textile industry

To achieve exceptional wash-fastness results, depending on the concentration of dye, used to increase light fastness of tint and can also be applied to dyed cotton by continuous methods.

Building and construction

In timber and wood preservatives, as an ingredient of plaster to prevent fungus infection, ingredient of concrete, both as a colouring matter and as an antiseptic, e.g for use in and around swimming pools, the setting of concrete and to control of the growth of tree roots in sewers.

Synthetic rubber and petroleum

In preparation of catalysts used in cracking certain gaseous and liquid petroleum, preparing cuprous chloride used in the purification of butadiene and in the separation of acetylene derivatives, preparing catalysts used in chlorinating rubber latex and in purification of petroleum oils.


Used in manufacturing copper catalysts.


Used as a soil additive, pesticide, fungicide, bactericide, algaecide and herbicide, bordeaux mixture, feed and fertiliser additive.

Paint industry

In antifouling paints and coloring of glass.

Printing industry

As an etching agent for zinc, aluminium and steel in process engraving.


  • Low dosage, high purity
  • Reduced toxicity
  • Adequately soluble
  • Long shelf-life
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost competitive


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