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Colourless liquid, fuming in air, light ammonia Odor

Solubility : liquid hydrazine hydrate to form dimers, immiscible with water and ethanol, insoluble in ether and chloroform

Corrosive : can erode glass, rubber, leather, cork, etc.

Stability : Stable

Hydrazine hydrate and its derivatives products in many industrial applications are widely used, such as chemical products, pharmaceutical products, agricultural products, water treatment, photography and photographic products. Hydrazine hydrate is used as :

  • The anti-corrosion additive of circulating water in thermal power plant and nuclear power plants
  • The oxygen scavenger of water in Industrial boilers and high pressure steam boiler

Hydrazine hydrate: is a highly effective reducing agent used:

In the synthesis of:

  • Blowing agents: azodicarbonamide
  • Bio-active intermediates for agrochemical and pharmaceutical products, via Triazoles
  • Various products: certain organic pigments for dyes, reagents for photography, urethanes and acrylics, hydrobromic acid, etc.

Directly as:

  • An anticorrosion additive in the water circuits of thermal and nuclear plants.
  • An oxygen scavenger in the water of industrial boilers and high pressure steam generators.
  • Refining of precious metals
  • Recovery of metals from pickling and surface treatment solutions
  • Treatment of liquid and gas wastes
  • Purification of sulfuric acid for grades used on the electronics market
  • Metallisation of plastics and metals (nickel, cobalt, iron, chromium, etc.)


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