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Molecular sieve desiccant is a special category of molecular sieve used widely for moisture removal. It is a hygroscopic substance with crystalline composition mainly used to remove water from various liquids and gases. Being more competent than silica gel or activated alumina, it is an excellent alternative for creating virtually water free products. It absorbs the water or surrounding moisture along with the associated impurities and results in pure liquids and gases. It works on adsorption mechanism and serves as an exquisite solution to moisture dehydration. Being handy for all humidity related problems, it enhances the efficiency of processing and packaging.


  • Non-hazardous synthetic product
  • Uniformity in pore size and diameter
  • Selective adsorption characteristics ( water, moisture, volatile impurities etc.)
  • Lowers the relative humidity (nearly below 10%)


  • Used in cryogenic separation(liquifaction of certain gases requires water and moisture removal to avoid freezing)
  • Used in insulated glass dehydration
  • Used in Oxygen purification, mercaptan removal & solvent drying in distillation
  • Used to remove adsorbents from fuel, power, and signal gas streams and can also remove water vapor from hydraulic valves
  • Used in Pharmaceutical and food processing industries for packaging to avoid rancidity reactivity.
  • Used in petrochemical industries for drying natural gases.


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