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ACURO's MOLYBDATE BASED CORROSION INHIBITOR is a molybdate based multi-metal corrosion inhibitor developed for use in closed loop system containing chiller or hot water. It prevents corrosion or rusting of metal by forming a passive coating of protective film on ferrous metals. It also prevents corrosion on non-ferrous metals.

ACURO's MOLYBDATE BASED CORROSION INHIBITOR contains organic dispersants and antiscalants that helps to keep the surface of the systems clean and thus provides the basis for the formation of an effective corrosion protection film.

ACURO's MOLYBDATE BASED CORROSION INHIBITOR is mainly applied in CHW line of HVAC systems, glycol chiller, secondary cooling water systems of power plants, in the cooling systems of blast furnaces, in systems for cooling the molds in continuous casting mills and in hot and cold water systems in various industry.


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