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Rusting- a reddish coating of oxide occurs in iron and its alloys when they are exposed to moist air. This weakens their life span and stability. Rusting can cause a lot of damage to the metal and its surface in multiple applications. It decreases the conductivity and magnetism of metal wherever it is used. It makes holes in iron sheets and also slows down the sliding of metal plates, and movement of different parts of machinery.

Acuro Organics Limited manufactures a non-phosphate cleaning composition having enhanced rust removing properties at ambient temperatures, the reason being phosphates are ecologically unsound. Acuro's Rust Cleaner contains an activating amount of ferrous ions in order to hasten the cleaning process.


  • All types of Machinery and equipment like industrial boilers and others with iron content
  • Cooling systems
  • Electronics industry
  • Potable water systems
  • Automotive industry
  • Countertops & Floors Made of Linoleum
  • Ceramics and Porcelain Surfaces
  • Metal surface as Iron and Chrome


  • Ready-to-use and eco-friendly concentrated solution featuring a biodegradable, odourless, non-toxic, non-flammable formula.
  • Designed to remove red rust off ferrous metals.
  • Quickly dissolves in the surface and neutralizes rust quickly, safely with ease.
  • Restores parts to bare metal requiring no scraping, chipping or scrubbing.
  • Capable of being used in both soak and spray applications with or without heat.
  • It may be easily used by mixing with water to suit the job ranging from removing light flash rust to heavy rust and pitting.
  • Available in drum, and carboy packagings.
  • Cost effective


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