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Isothiazoline Based Biocide - Highly Potent And Cost Effective Chemicals

ACURO's Isothiazoline based biocide is a broad spectrum formaldehyde-free biocide based on a mixture of active ingredients.

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Defoamers - Overview of Their Working Process and Types

Foams are by-product generated in different chemical and industrial processes. Excess foam generation in industrial processes can cause bad impact on product quality, surface coatings and efficiency of operations.

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Catalyzed Hydrazine Hydrate - For Boiler Maintenance.

Boilers are used for heating water at more than its initial temperature for adequate steam generation. Water is used as a heating agent in boilers, as it is abundant, inexpensive and easily available.

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Rust Cleaners - Fast Acting, Eco-friendly Rust Chemicals

Rusting, a type of corrosion, commonly found in machinery, occurs in iron and its alloys when they are exposed in moist air. After being exposed in moist air, reddish coating of oxide is formed on them, that causes multiple detrimental effects in the system.

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Acurosil Nano+ : Highly Effective Chemical Additives To Combat Serious Agricultural Issues

Agriculture, for decades, have been a primary source for food. But, what if farmers face some hurdles while cultivating crops on fields resulting into loss of crops which may ultimately lead to shortage of food?.

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